Origin DNS error with CNAME


I currently have an “Origin DNS error” problem on my domain.
I am hosting several sites from my home server. I have a dynamic IP, so I use Dynamic DNS (ChangeIP). And I create CNAME to link my different sites.
But since a few minutes all my sites are “Origin DNS error” while the dynamic domain is still pinging (I did not make any modification).

Link of the site: https://ezcorp.io
Link to dynamic IP: ezcorp.changeip.co

Does anyone have an explanation?
Thank you very much!
(sorry for my english !)

It looks like you’re on France Telecom, but when I try to connect to ezcorp.changeip.co, I get an empty reply from server.

If your CNAME from ezcorp points to changeip, can you successfully connect to your changeip subdomain?

Thank you for your response.

Yes it’s normal to get an empty answer when you try to access directly to ezcorp.changeip.co, we don’t have a virtual host corresponding to this address.

However as you can see, the address answers well, so I don’t really see where the problem comes from (especially since I got the DNS error all of a sudden while browsing the site).

By the way, when I try to go back and make an “A” record with my raw IP, the site is accessible again.

I’m not entirely sure what your setup is, but an Origin DNS error usually happens when you try to proxy a private (internal) IP address.

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As I said just above everything was working perfectly before this error and I didn’t touch anything in the configuration.

By the way I don’t know how the site appears on your side (https://ezcorp.io) but on my side it works again.
Maybe a problem with CloudFlare?

First things first, your server is not configured for SSL.

What do you mean ?

Your server does not listen on port 443, let alone returns a certificate.

My other servers do not listen on port 443 either, yet they work well in HTTPS :thinking:
But I just opened port 443

If they don’t work on 443 you can’t have HTTPS but only an insecure HTTP connection which is covered by Cloudflare. That is an insecure setup.

As for the other errors, @sdayman’s hint is spot on.


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