Origin DNS Error - Error 1016

Ray ID: 74054cd9e8a3b3df • 2022-08-25 15:18:25 UTC

This morning I changed the DNS over to Cloudflare settings, using the kirk and tess settings. I received the email from Cloudflare that the change went through, but now the site is down with the 1016 error.

I looked at the Cloudflare help section on 1016 errors, and it mentions A Records/C Names, but I’ve done this before with other sites and didn’t have to change A Record/C Name so not sure why that would be an issue now?

I don’t understand why the site is down, I have another site who is using the Cloudfare dns, and is hosted at the same place, bluehost, yet that site isn’t down.

Looking at dnschecker, it looks like nealbailes dot com has the same settings as the other sites ive set up, so not sure why it is down?

Any advice on this is appreciated, thank you for your time.

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