Origin DNS Error 1016 since yesterday

Since yesterday all sites i had through cloudflare dropped with error 1016 origin dns. i havent changed anything and server is ok since all other non cloudflare sites working ok and i had to make cloudflare as dns only to make sites working again.
Anyone has an idea why this happened or i have to move from cloudflare?

What’s the DNS record of the affected site? Is it pointing to another domain as CNAME or it’s just an A record pointing to an IP address?

i have dynamic ip address and for a year it is working with cname at root (cname flattening) i use dynamic dns from microtik routers domain. it is working fine without cloudflare but it WAS working with cloudflare since yesterday. i also tried to put an A record to root domain and www pointing to current ip address without success same error.

It is affecring all sites i have on cloudflare

Nevermind found the problem with mikrotik domain

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