Origin dns error 1016 from Instagram app link

I am using cloudflare to redirect my custom URL to my Etsy shop. Everything works if I enter my URL into the browser however if I click the link on my Instagram I receive an origin dns error as follows. Any ideas on what the issue is? I’m using page rules to create the redirect. If I switch the page rules redirect off and use instead the option to create redirect rules (separate area just for redirects) I receive a different error, stating the page redirected too many times and it fails to load. Only seems to be an issue when clicking the link through the Instagram app.

With just the hostname, they redirect fine. But with a path, it fails because your rules aren’t not configured for paths, as well.

If it’s a Page Rule, it needs to match example.com/* as a Wildard path match.

If it’s a Redirect Rule, it needs to match "If HOSTNAME equals example.com OR HOSTNAME equals www.example.com

If there’s a specific URL not working for you, please post it, so we can check.


Thank you so much! Adding the asterisk wild card did the trick. I was unable to share the url as text or by clicking the link insert button as it prompt me to use the function that adds the upticks ‘…’ however I was unable to find that button. Perhaps because I am on mobile.

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It sounds like you were able to get it working, so you can save this feedback for the future if you ever need it.

The <\> Preformatted text button is usually hidden behind the :gear: gear icon on mobile. I tend to type the backtick ` on both mobile and desktop.

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