Origin Certificates



Generate a free TLS certificate signed by Cloudflare to install on your origin server.

This is what I do and is working great. After fiddling with Lets Encrypt for 8 or 9 months I just became overworked updating certs every 90 days since we host several dozens of sites.

My question is, if I wanted to buy an EV Cert for a company it appears we would have to upgrade to a business plan? That’s a big stretch for $200/month for a small company.

I realize also that we could order a dedicated cert via Cloudflare for $5 - $10 which would be doable but not an EV like the customer indicated.

Am I correct that there is no “third” option workaround for an EV?



Correct. If you want to bring your own certificate, whether that is an EV or not, you will need to be on the Business or Enterprise plan. In part this is because a custom SSL certificate requires its own unique IP addresses, which cannot be used for other customers. And as we all know, IPv4 has ran out of space for some time now :-).

Not sure how that will change as SNI becomes more main stream. For this I would recommend keeping an eye on the blog.