Origin Certificates - what happens when transferring domain between Cloudflare accounts

We have a partner using the free Cloudflare Origin Certificate for a domain. We want to take control of DNS for this domain- so we’re going to have the DNS at the registrar for that domain pointed to the new Cloudflare DNS servers on our Cloudflare account.

Beforehand, as recommended, we will have the DNS entries already populated in our Cloudflare account so the destination servers will still be reachable. However, once the DNS servers are pointed to us from the registrar, will anything happen to the existing certificates issued for that domain (and running on the webserver?). Would we have to immediately generate new certificates for that domain or would the existing ones stay valid until we did generate new ones (we will eventually point the DNS to a different server, but use the same website/domain name)?


Your main question will be answered, I am sure!!

But, are you sure you need to. Your account can be added as an admin on theirs so you can edit the DNS without having to transfer it to your account…

It’s a case of another organization entirely that is handing the control of the domain over to us. So we won’t be able to have access to their account.

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