Origin Certificates CSR parsed as empty (Code: 1007)

Greetings friend for all around the worl i have a problem!

I have a ssl certificate from let’s encrypt that I want to put in Origin Certificate Installation but when I choose I have my own private key and CSR tab and I put my csr code I have this error message:
CSR parsed as empty (Code: 1007)

How to do i need to put only my csr and private key or only csr?? But when i put the private key and after the csr code same error or when i put only the csr code same thing i don’t know how to do pleas help !

Your question is not very clear. A Lets Encrypt certificate is unrelated to an Origin certificate.
With a CSR and a private key you can get an Origin certificate issued, but that is still not related to Lets Encrypt.

What exactly do you want to achieve? It might be the easiest to simply choose “Let Cloudflare generate a private key and a CSR”. Otherwise you just need to make sure your CSR is valid for your domain.

Hello thansk for the reply;
I already have a certificate let’s encrypt install on my vps server but the thing is that if it is possible I want to use cloudflare “Origin Certificates” and put my csr with the tab "I have my own private key and CSR "but as I said above I have an error message 1007 !!

So you want to replace the Lets Encrypt certificate with an Origin one, right?

The private key is also irrelevant in this context and should not be shared anyhow.

You can check at https://www.sslshopper.com/csr-decoder.html if your CSR is valid. Alternatively, you can also post it here.

Again, do not share the private key.

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