Origin certificate

The website is going crazy. Sometimes the ssl certificate works and sometimes not. The server(namecheap) also shows that it’s not validated as it self-signed.
This is my website: quranonlinemessage.com

The origin certificate is an excellent choice for when your host does not issue one for your site. Cloudflare recognizes it as valid.

How long has your site been on Cloudflare? Sometimes it takes DNS a few days to update so your site works through Cloudflare.

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3 hours I guess.
This what happens. Look at the time on the top-right corner. At 10:28, it was working, but after 4 minutes it stopped.

Not related to the issue you are having, but the DNS record for mail is set to :orange:, which means you will have trouble receiving email. Change it to :grey:

It can take up to 48 hours for DNS to fully propagate. What’s happening is that DNS is still settling in and won’t be completely steady until those 48 hours are up. Sometimes you still get routed to the origin IP address instead of the new Cloudflare one.


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