Origin Certificate setup confusion

I’ve been trying for the past few hours to understand how to install and use certificates, but they are just too complicated. I’m not entirely sure if I have managed to install them properly, but I can explain how I tried to install them;

First off, I saved the data I got when creating an Origin Certificate to two different files, .p7b and .key. The .key file being the one to contain the private key. I then proceeded to open MMC and import the p7b file, and it was successful. But as far as I know, the private key isn’t associated with the p7b certificate I imported, right? Could someone confirm whether or not I did this right, or what I should have done differently?

I also imported the Origin CA Root when reading through this.

Both certificates were installed as trusted certificates.
My goal here is to use the certificate in my Spring Boot web app running a Tomcat server, but I’m not sure if I’ve set everything up yet on the certificate end.

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