Origin Certificate on cPanel server works for https but not for Mail

I have an open thread on the cPanel forum but I thought I would re-post here in case anyone can help.
I’ve successfully installed a cloudflare Origin Certificate on my cPanel account - I disabled AutoSSL and removed the existing LetsEncrypt certificate before doing so.
The Cloudflare certificate works perfectly for https but when I try to connect my mail client (Exim/Dovecot) they are presented with the server’s root (service) certificate.
Whilst this may be a local cPanel configuration issue, I wanted to flag up that cPanel displays a warning “No Valid Certificate” in the account. I followed all the steps including Optional step 4 in the cloudflare guide
Also, the certificate installed at step 4 comes up as “unsigned”.
Thanks for any help…

Origin certificates are only valid to secure the connection between your origin web server and Cloudflare.

You will need to acquire a certificate from a public trusted CA, such as Lets Encrypt. This cert could be used by both your SMTP server, as well as your origin web server.

Thanks. I was afraid you would say that. My motivation for installing the cloudflare origin cert was to workaround the problem with cPanel’s LetsEncrypt DCV failing, due to origin IP conflicts etc.
I’ll go back to the drawing board.

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