Origin certificate not working in NYC


Hi, everyone. I’ve got an Origin certificate installed for nynewspapers.com over at our LiquidWeb VPS hosting. When I change my VPN to other locations to test, it works just fine and the cert is validated. But when I change my VPN to NYC, it does not validate, ironically enough. All of this is in Chrome and FF, but in Safari, it works no matter where my VPN is set to. Any thoughts?? Thanks! Screenshots below


Screenshot while my VPN is connected in NY:


Cloudflare origin certificates aren’t issued by a trusted certificate authority… they aren’t intended to be accessed by a user directly, but instead intended to secure connections between Cloudflare and the origin server. This server should be :orange: in your DNS and the connection will then be to Cloudflare’s edge which has a valid SSL cert for the zone.


Thanks for the reply. The A record is running through Cloudflare, is that what you mean? Sorry, I’m still learning.


In that case, if you are going direct to origin, it is likely the DNS server you are using on that VPN connection has a cached entry.

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