Origin Certificate Bug

Hello, I did not answer the questions in the template because the problem I am experiencing is not related to them. It’s a bug.

I have two domains that I am having problems with. These:


I create an Origin Certificate for these two domain names, but when I create one, the other one is automatically deleted.

To be more specific, I am creating an origin certificate for scottajans.com. Then I create an origin certificate for scottajans.com.tr. Then, when I return to the origin certificate screen for scottajans.com, the certificate I created does not appear. It’s gone.

Hi @ellezx can you create an Account ticket and share the ticket number here? I suspect the Support team will ask you to submit a HAR file to them in order to investigate what’s going on. You can create a ticket here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support. Sorry for the issues.

Hi, I already tried this but I can’t send ticket because I am a Free plan user.

Cloudflare says: Customers on our Free plans can only submit tickets for billing, account, and registrar issues.

That’s why I’m here.

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Customer on every plan type can create billing, account and registrar tickets.

If you run into any issues after you select account, let us know here.

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Ticked ID: #3021919

Cloudflare support bot automaticly marked my ticked as solved.

Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Support. Your plan type grants you access to Support via our Cloudflare Community.

It looks like you are experiencing an issue with SSL/TLS.

Our Support team is only available to provide assistance on billing, account, and registrar related issues. If you believe your issue falls into one of these categories, please reply here. Otherwise, see the resources below.

I just reopened that ticket and assigned it to myself. Can you respond to the ticket and provide us with a HAR file demonstrating the issue? I’ll be automatically notified when you reply to the ticket.