Origin Cache Control - Default setting?


What is the Page Rule’s Origin-Cache-Control’s default setting?

My goal is to allow the origin to define caching using Cache-Control headers, but I’m not certain if I need a page rule? Or does the page rule only disable this behaviour? Or am I misunderstanding this page rule completely?

From what I understand if you set it to respect origin headers (in the main dashboard) it will behave like you want it to with the headers you set, provided that the files are accessed relatively regularly as to not incur in cache evictions due to resource limits.

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Is this the Browser Cache Expiration that should be set to Respect Existing Headers? Or is there anything I’m missing that impacts Cloudflare’s own use of origin cache-control headers?

I’m seeing a bit of weirdness but I’ll set up a proper test environment before proceeding.

Yeah, that should be it. Note that you can set different browser and proxy cache settings:

  • max-age for browser.
  • s-maxage for proxies and CDNs.
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