Origin CA CloudFlare SSL

I have installed Origin CA CloudFlare SSL on my server and it’s not working…
You can help me please?

Thats not exactly the best description.

Post a screenshot of the error.

That is not the origin certificate, thats the proxy certificate. Also it appears your local Avast setup interferes here.

Whats your domain?


That doesnt appear to be an issue with the origin certificate, but rather with the proxy certificate. Can you try to disable the universal certificate, wait 15 minutes, and re-enable it?

How to ?

At the bottom of https://dash.cloudflare.com/redirect?zone=ssl-tls/edge-certificates.

Also, post a full page screenshot of that page.

Sorry, i can use 1 post for 3 images!

The universal certificate is already disabled. Did you take the screenshot after disabling it? Wait now 15 minutes and then re-enable it.

Yes !

After disabled it !

Alright, re-enable it in 15 minutes and then wait a couple of minutes and check what is says on top under “Edge Certificates”.

Yes, appears to work now.


If you origin certificate is in place and your encryption mode is “Full strict” you are good to go.

No ;(

“No”? It is “Full strict”. So that should be fine now.