Origin CA API

I’m trying to use the https://api.cloudflare.com/#origin-ca-list-certificates endpoints, but they require an X-Auth-User-Service-Key header. Where does the User-Service-Key come from and how can i create one? Can it be automated?

API keys are found under your profile in CloudFlare.



I don’t think this is it. It’s not using X-Auth-Key, it’s using X-Auth-User-Service-Key which should begin with v1.0-. This particular API doesn’t accept the X-Auth-Key,X-Auth-Email that most do.

Did you look at it because mine begins with v1.0-.



Requests must be sent over HTTPS with any payload formatted in JSON. All requests must include both X-AUTH-KEY and X-AUTH-EMAIL headers to authenticate. Requests that use X-AUTH-USER-SERVICE-KEY can use that instead of the Auth-Key and Auth-Email headers.

You don’t need that if you have access to X-AUTH-KEY and X-AUTH-EMAIL.

doh! you’re right. I looked at the Global Key.

This isn’t true for the Origin CA endpoints according to both the documentation and my attempts.