Origin and Edge SSL certificates for web-server (SSRS) in Azure VM

I have Microsoft SSRS server in Azure VM. My DNS registrar is Cloudlfare.

My site is ‘mysite .com’. I have Edge certificate on Cloudflare site that covers ‘*.mysite.com’ and ‘mysite .com’. I have also another one that covers ‘internal.mysite .com’, ‘*.mysite .com’, and ‘mysite .com’.

I have obtained Origin Certificate from Cloudflare and configure it on SSRS Server.

‘mysite .com’ is configured for my internet site hosted on WordPress.

I have created a CNAME-record that points ‘internal’ to my AzureVM. The DNS record is set to ‘Proxied’.

SSRS was configured to listen to ‘https:// internal.mysite .com:443’. The Origin certificate has been binded.

I may open ‘internal.nedash .com/MyReports’ in browser and it seems secure. I may see the main SSRS page and get prompted to enter credentials. But when I them I see 400 error and a blank page. Refreshing it does nothing.

I may open the link within another browser or an anonymous tab and may see the page and get prompted for credentials but then the situation repeats.

SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service) is based on Microsoft IIS.

Any help?

Hi there,

This is usually a client error or malformed request. If this only happens with Cloudflare but nor directly to the origin, a good place to start debugging might be the URL normalization. You can find it under Rules > Settings.

Without knowing, you system, this is a shot in the dark, but I would maybe set the normalization to RFC-3986 and normalize to origin.

If that does not work, try disabling both incoming and outgoing normalization.

More about status 400:

Take care.

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