Orgin Cert breaking MacOS server

Not sure if anyone else has ran into this, because it would seem that it should be pretty straightforward. I’m running MacOS server, when I use a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate, the server runs fine. However, when I select the Cloudflare Orgin cert, the web server process crahes with this notice “Jun 20 19:50:30 alpha[1] ([32906]): Service exited with abnormal code: 1
Jun 20 19:50:30 alpha[1] ( Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds.” Once I select the LetsEncrypt certificate again, everything goes back to normal. I generated the CSR through the server app and put that into the Cloudflare orgin cert generator, then installed the .pem file from there into the pending cert request on MacOS Server. This is my first time setting up Cloudflare and I’d like to get the orgin cert down for end-to-end encryption, but not sure what I’m doing wrong.


Are you talking about Authenticated Origin Pulls?
If you are using Origin Certificates then remember that it is only valid when connecting to Cloudflare and not to end users.
You can leave the end certificate as Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare will use that just fine.

Also not sure why you would host a website on a MacOS server…

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The appeal to using the origin certificate vs the let’s encrypt is not having to renew it every 90 days and also being able to use Full (strict) end to end encryption with the security checks. Theoretically it should work fine but the Oregon certificate causes the process to crash as soon as it’s applied to the host.

I use lets encrypt and with certbot it renews itself.

The fact that it has caused it to crash makes me think that it is something to do with the web hosting software that you are using. Like it could be checking to see if it is a valid cert and because it is not, the program fails.

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