Organization DNS server with ns records

Hello community!

I installed the DNS server on my machine and configured it. I created an NS record to redirect requests to the server.
Domains work locally on the machine. And when the main IP-address is passed through the network, the answer does not come (*** Can’t find No answer)
When checking subdomains, the answer also does not come (** server can’t find NXDOMAIN).
I use Bind9 on Ubuntu 18.0.4. Logs are empty.
Help me please.

Thanks a lot in advance!

:wave: @andrei.meleshin,

Not sure what it is you’re trying to achieve. The DNS server you created it’s authoritative for Cloudflare is. If you want to move away from Cloudflare to your own hosted DNS you will want to export a BIND file of your Cloudflare records to your DNS server and then modify the records at your registrar to point to your new server instead.

But Cloudflare has no record for the root of your zone either so you’re querying for a record that doesn’t appear to exist.


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Thank you very much

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