Organising videos in Stream

We’re considering moving thousands of videos across from AWS to Stream, but I’d like to know if there is a better way of organising videos in Stream than simply lumping them all into a single area? There does not seem to be any kind of folder structure or tagging system in place for Stream to enable us to quickly find/organise/view a series of videos. Is there something I am missing or are there plans to introduce a folder system of some sort? The search function is good, but not better than a folder system.


I have the same doubt. I have hindreds of videos. How do I organise it?

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Hey @neil12 @user8405! Good question!

You can definitely manage thousands of videos on Stream however it is important to understand that Stream is not a fully featured content management system (CMS). A content management system is a software might allow you to create, filter, sort, organize in folders and publish videos on a website. Stream stores, processes and streams the videos for you but it does not manage additional content or hierarchy related to the video.

Stream is best when used as a API for storing and streaming videos. There are two tools you can use to organize your videos on Stream:

  • meta key-value store: you can create any key-value pair to help you identify this video.
  • field: this is a special field that you can use the dashboard or API to search over

Stream expects that you use a separate system, typically a database, to manage your videos at scale. This can be the place where you could track the uid from Stream, along with author and title of the video and its folder structure.

I actually have the same question as well…

We have a small app that allows users to upload small videos… like 999999 videos…

I am very hesitant to move our videos to stream from aws s3… but S3 + cloudfront is getting too expensive for us…

Can someone from CLOUDFLARE elaborate on the STREAM product?

I mean do you guys have a client with millions of videos in stream storage?

I know it is a new product, but for small guys like us, it is really difficult to make bad decisions…