.org error! Showing "Pending Nameserver Update" forever!

Recently I have added a .org domain and it’s showing “Pending Nameserver Update” forever. Also, there are no check button its overview area. It’s all blank!!!

Take a look at this screenshot:

CloudFlare can’t even figure out about the registrar information.

However, my domain has about 1 year and 4 months validity. The domain is registered from NameCheap.

Is there anyone here having the same problem? What is the error? How to fix that?

Whats the domain?

I am not sure if I am allowed here to share any domain name. It is: ptdca.org

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Your setup looks okay, I’d open a support ticket.

@cloonan, any idea what could be wrong here?

much appreciate. thank you!

Looking at that now, seems the zone was deleted and then re-added less than 2 hours ago but has not yet been verified. @mnhque, suspect the reason for not “figuring out” the registrar is the zone is still pending, that should show once verified. Good news is whois shows the proper name server results and it looks like those are propagating now, https://www.whatsmydns.net/#NS/ptdca.org

DNSSEC needs to be removed and re-added at registrar to complete the transfer:


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About https://www.whatsmydns.net/#NS/ptdca.org , That’s what I can see for last 2 weeks.

2 hours ago: I just removed the domain and re-added for testing purpose if it works somehow. I didn’t change the Name Server.

2 Weeks ago: I set the Name Server to CloudFlare like what it said.

I am sure, there are something else from CloudFlare’s end. If you are an employer, please take a look at this. It’s an issue.

No DNSSEC even not enabled yet.

This screenshot is from my CloudFlare:

This one from NameCheap:

It is or was from a previous DNS host. It needs to be removed at your registrar before the migration to Cloudflare’s nameservers can be completed. If you check the link I sent you the sea of red confirms this is the case.

Zone now validates for DNSSEC and has been activated on Cloudflare.

The problem seems fixed. Thank you!

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