Ordering SSL Certificate

My host support tells me that it is not necessary to change the name servers to activate the Cloudflare SSL. Is this consistent with anyone’s experiences?

You can do a partner setup with Cloudflare if your host provides it, however we are unable to provide much assistance for partner setups on here as each one varies. You would have to talk to your host about it, but yes, it is possible.

CNAME setups are also available on the business plan.

Thanks, that was hekpful

If your host is a Cloudflare partner you can choose to enable Cloudflare through their integration, though personally I feel like you get more control if you sign up with Cloudflare directly… but it is the ‘easy button’ so to speak. You can also use a CNAME setup on the business plan which allows you to keep your existing nameservers.

However Cloudflare’s DNS usually ranks pretty high in terms of performance and availability: https://www.dnsperf.com/

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