Order of Rules

My two rules are not in the correct order. The up and down triangles on the left don’t work to change the order. I tried it with a green check mark in both boxes, a black X in both boxes, and a green check mark in one and a black X in the other.
Nothing works. What do I do??

Page rules, that is?

I’d try a different browser → Download Firefox Browser — Fast, Private & Free — from Mozilla

I just went onto Google Chrome and tried to make them change with the triangles, and it didn’t work with Google Chrome either.

Yes, it’s page rules.

I originally entered the page rules and tried to change them in Microsoft Edge.

Edge and Chrome are the same thing. I’d really try Firefox.

Can you post a screenshot? I just tried it and it works as usual.

I just downloaded Firefox. The triangles didn’t work on there either. I tried it again with the green check marks on both, black X on both, and one with the green check mark and one with the black X, and nothing works. I don’t see where to upload a screenshot. I tried clicking on “Upload” above, but it only allows me to upload an image, not a Word file where I’ve placed the screenshot.

I figured it out. I thought clicking on the triangles would move them. Now I know I have to grab the triangles and move the rule down or up. Duh! It’s fixed!

Thank you, Sandro! I appreciate your posts.

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