Order emails goes to spam

I had this issue and contact my hosting and told me the following

I set up DMARC successfully on the account; however, you will also want to update your SPF settings through Cloudflare and add smtp.servconfig.com to your SPF record there.

How i can setup that in Cloudflare?
Thanks in advance

SPF records (actually TXT records, the SPF record type is depreciated) can be added in the DNS tab.

The record you want is:

Type: TXT
Name: “@”

v=spf1 a:smtp.servconfig.com ~all

If you want to make other changes to the SPF record, you can generate a new one at https://www.spfwizard.net/ (include smtp.servconfig.com in the “Add any other server hostname that may deliver or relay mail for this domain”). The “value” is the text in quotation marks.


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