Orange / grey cloud in DNS

no, sorry, i want use Cloudflare. Now everything is :grey:

By Cloudflare you mean its proxying service, not only DNS, correct? If so, you should switch to :orange: however you need to fix the issue you have which is probably due to an incorrect configuration with your new host. Whats the domain?

thank’s for answering, but I also want to know the issue.All settings are default

How should anybody be able to say anything with the provided information?

What information should I give?

For starters

Your site seems to load fine via www, though it redirects to the naked domain which is not proxied.

That’s right, because www orange in Cloudflare dns , but the main domain is gray, when i changes it to orange, the site does not work.

Well, you either enable proxying or post a detailed description of the error. Otherwise there is no point in discussing it :slight_smile:

Well, after activating, an error will not be displayed and only a white screen will appear. You can now see this.

Try setting your SSL mode to Full strict.

It sounds like you originally set up your domain here on your own, then recently switched to using your host’s cPanel for Cloudflare. Correct?

i change it, but no changes are currently visible

yes, correct

And you went through all the other suggestions in the article too ?

I can’t do more testing from my phone, but it’s
possible you need to change your name servers at your domain registrar. Cloudflare through cPanel often means using special name servers.

Thank you for your answers. And I’m sorry if I annoy you. Now the site is up and I hope that speed will be fine for a few hours

You dont “annoy” me :slight_smile: it is just - to be brutally honest :innocent: - a tad difficult if every bit of additional information seemingly requires a lot of back and forth when most of it (domain, error, etc.) could have been provided in the very first posting. Maybe next time :slight_smile:

The site does load and its on Cloudflare, so that should be fine now. Did you make a change somewhere or did it start on its own suddenly?

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