Orange / Grey Cloud dns entry based on whitelist

Hi All,

We have some e-commerce services we provide to external customers. For those customers to connect to our site, we need to provide them our server ip’s to enable them to connect outside of their network.

How can we achieve this with Cloudflare when orange cloud is on?

Is there a way for us to whitelist particular customer ip ranges in Cloudflare to allow only listed customers to see our real ip but block everyone else?

Any other ideas from the brains in the community?

Thanks All


You cant. What you could do is provide them with a different hostname which is not :orange:, or maybe the IP address directly?!

Cloudflare can’t do this directly, but you could create a API endpoint that returns the correct IP directly, or an alternate DNS record which returns the API and only provide the name of this host to trusted partners.

Sandro / thedaveca,

Thanks for your input. We will go aways and investigate further.



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