Orange exclamation point and no "on cloudflare" option for "mail"?


I’m trying to get an SSL certificate for my hostmonster hosted Wordpress site and was pointed to Cloudflare as a good option for getting that process started. However, I have a bit of a confusion already…

On the page that checks out my DNS records there were a few that had orange exclamation points next to them. This wasn’t an issue because when I checked the “On Cloudflare” option (the orange cloud w/ the arrow through it), the exclamation points went away.

However, there is one on the list (its type is “MX”) that has an orange exclamation point and no “On Cloudflare” option. The value for this one is listed as “mail handled by” Is this because I have a contact form plugin on my site? I’m not aware of any email service associated with my site so the idea of “mail” is confusing.

Thanks for any help regarding possible next steps!

  • Chris

If you don’t have email addresses at your domain, you don’t need an MX record and can delete that DNS record.

Ah, ok. Thanks for the reply!

So, do I just delete it in the DNS scan list by clicking the X, or do I have to go delete it inside my website?

Click the X on your Cloudflare list.

Ok, perfect—thank you!

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