Orange Cloud randomly turning off for Subdomain


I have a very frustrating problem where the Orange Cloud in Cloudflare DNS will just randomly turn to grey for a subdomain. It might work for a few hours and then just switch off.

The subdomain isn’t new, so it should be propagated. It isn’t one of the “not allowed” subdomains for Cloudflare either (It’s just a random word).

Any suggestions as to why this is occurring?


That should most definitely not happen. Does anybody else have access to your account? Have you ever used the API? Maybe try resetting your API keys. Also, check your audit log.

Whats the domain?

I do have my account linked to It is for ads, and I’m fully aware of their access.

I’ve checked the audit log:

Old Value:
Proxied: true
New Value:
Proxied: false

When I turn it back on it’s done through the interface “UI”, but when it’s turned off it says API and the IP address shown is not mine.

Am I being trolled? or is this some kind of automatic thing?

I am not sure what ezoic is but apparently something disables proxying. I cant tell if this is actually intended or not, but if you dont want that you should reset your API keys straight away.


Hi @urbanalien, it looks like ezoic has an amazon store and if the ip in question starts with 54., it’s in the amazon IP range. I’m not sure if that helps connect dots or not…

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