Orange cloud but still ip address of website is exposed

As you see, it is orange cloud but when I am pinning my domain, I can see real ip address not cloudflare’s ip address. This is more than a week like that.

By the way, it is not a cache issue because when I am changing ip address to different one, i can immediately see those changes by pinging domain. Then I am changing it to correct one.

Is the domain active (unpaused, and not showing other errors) from the main dashboard?

I don’t see anything obvious from here, at least not from a DNS perspective.

I don’t see any obvious problems, assuming your screenshot is correct and the domain is proxied.

You can ping my domain from you local machine, you will see that it shows server’s ip address, not cloudflare’s

Yes, screenshot is correct

It looks like it’s proxied now. I double checked and its ‘www’ is also proxied.

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