Options when changing my domain from Namecheap to Cloudflare

I have the following setup:

  • My registrar is Namecheap and I have pointed my nameservers there to ns1.m04.siteground.biz.
  • My host is Siteground, which I use for my domain and email.

I am thinking of Transferring my domain name from Namecheap to Cloudflare.

I want to keep Siteground as my host because their speeds are great.

  1. Is it just a case of initiating a domain transfer and moving it across?
  2. I heard that I can’t just change the nameservers I use at cloudflare so would I have to copy my DNS config from Siteground?
  3. Siteground have a Cloudflare option… would this still work if I use Cloudflare as my registrar?
  4. I need SPDY and Polish. Is it worth using Cloudflare via Siteground’s partner setup or is it better to use Cloudflare directly on cloudflare.com (via a wordpress plugin)… the siteground version is certainly cheaper via my GoGeek account.

If you use Cloudflare as your registrar, you’re locked into Cloudflare DNS. Not a big deal for most, as it’s just DNS, but some hosts won’t let you use third party DNS, such as Cloudflare.

If Siteground gets you Polish for free (SPDY is already free at Cloudflare), then go with the Siteground partner setup. I’m pretty sure you can’t do this if Cloudflare is your registrar, as Siteground needs control over your DNS records.

Siteground needs control over your DNS records.

That’s what I was concerned about.

Hmm… they do have Railgun in the free version but Polish is included in the premium version, which costs £7.96/mo.

Decisions, decisions.

Thanks for the info.

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