Options for actual nonprofit organizations

There was another thread that was speedily closed with just a link to project galileo and then the Cloudflare for startups programs. In this previous topic someone suggested creation of a plan for 501(c)3 charitable organizations. PG and the startups programs are NOT for charitable organizations. They are or groups which meet specific under attack or business criteria. Any forprofit or political organization could fall into either of those buckets. There should be a plan for social services organizations which do not have the money or personnel to invest in large scale infrastructure… The free plan which currently exists provides no way to reach a human other than post on a forum which being told by forum community members to learn a product; the above referenced organizations already specialize in something… Serving the public… Should they too also be expected to hire or train an IT professional as well?

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As far as I am aware, the Galileo and Startup programs are all self-serve and do require a base level of technical knowledge. While it would be nice for Cloudflare to provide free services to charities/nonprofits, I don’t think you are likely to get an account team to replace an IT team/individual for free.

Even with paid support, they don’t make changes for you or create configurations, that is still down to the user.


That’s totally understandable. It’s more that options should be available either free or discounted for charitable groups. Obviously there’s going to be some kind of expectation on the companies side; Cloudflare shouldn’t have to interface with the NPOs systems. NPOs have executive staff for that reason even if a President of a charity has to follow guided instructions it’s still something and it is better than him having to spend years learning other’s software when he should be focusing on his orgs mission.