Option to play but not save streaming video

I’m planning to use Cloudflare stream to livestream a local tv channel. It’s done using nginx and ffmpeg on a dedicated server now, but i like like a solution that scales and doesn’t require ongoing maintenance.

Aside from some Blackmagic issues it seems to work well. However I noticed my account getting clogged up with archived video’s of test streams. There are now 500 video’s that I need to delete. Without a “select all” button that a painful task.

Is it possible to enable live stream viewing, but not saving the video?


The quickest thing to do was cancel my stream account to have the 500 video’s deleted. It seems impossible to reach a human that has eyes on the feature requests/roadmap in support :frowning: Everything routes to the forum.

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So raymon, have you found any solution?

Can’t believe it’s been a year!

I currently use Owncast on a dedicated server since Cloudflare stream is not ready for prime time use in my use case.

There is more people wanting this in another topic. Let’s continue there: Is it possible to stream without storing video?