Option 1 or 2? Performance? Newbie who does not know enough

I am really new. I purchased my VPS at A2, I have the Cloudflare service. I am stuck at the option one cname and option 2 full dns lol. I cant seem to find any where on the net which is best and why. Is there a performance and security advantage to option 2? Will I be stuck or restricted by taking full dns though? Also, I have one domain now and it is registered at A2 and it is the domain of my VPS. I also own about 12 more at namecheap. I want to setup more sites on my server. I cant move the domains to A2. I will be pointing name servers of domains different places. You already know from what I have said I am new. We all start somewhere. I was a shopify customer for 5 years and jumped out and into this. So, should I take cname or full dns with CF? I am paying for the service. Is not taking full dns not getting what I am paying for? Or will I lose freedom to change and do things? Please Help and dont hate on me for being a newbie and asking questions Im sure have been answered. I am so new I dont know the nomenclature to even find the answers.

I have static IP address If this matters. My VPS is also fully managed. I am at the Cloudflare setup point now. My domain has been transferred and is active

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Hi @brianpylant, welcome. Lots of details, thank you. I’d start of with something easy and add more sophistication as you go. You’re not limited based on what you choose today v what you can do tomorrow. Here are some details on the cname setup for background, Community Tip - Best Practices For CNAME setup / Partial setup.

First off, can you share the name of the domain? I don’t see any in your Cloudflare account, so you may be on a partial setup via a partner as you mentioned “My domain has been transferred and is active”, or it may be in another cf account.

Im at the stage that ask me to provision my domain with cname or full dns
this is what I paid for when purchasing my VPS
Addon (server.dgbotanicals.com) - Cloudflare Plan Web Application Firewall Monthly (08/19/2019 - 09/18/2019) $16.00 USD

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by the way, thank you!!! for taking time to talk to me

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ok, it looks like they did not activate my plan that i paid for.
It looks like your domain dgbotanicals.com is not provisioned with Cloudflare. Please continue to Domain Overview to secure and speed up your website.

Thank you, @brianpylant. In looking at that domain, it seems is active directly with Cloudflare:

$ dig ns dgbotanicals.com +short

Do the above name servers look familiar? The errors you’re seeing are not Cloudflare error messages so assume that is your hosting provider telling you they tried to activate the zone under Cloudflare but could not/did not yet. You could contact your hosting provider and see if they can give you any insight into what you’re facing, but suspect if the name servers are not familiar to you and you don’t recall setting the zone up on Cloudflare, you’ll need to add it to your Cloudflare account and change the name servers with your registrar. But, you indicated you thought you transferred and activated the zone, so suspect you just need to find/login to the account in which you did those actions.

So difficult. This is what they tell me

Currently, the Cloudflare is enabled using the Full DNS method. This means that you would manage all of your settings and DNS records from within your Cloudflare account on their website. If you would like to use the cPanel plugin, the name servers will need to be updated to the below. Cloudflare may then be activated again using the CNAME method.



When I log into Cloudflare they want me to add my server and pick a plan and pay. I already paid. I dont get it

By already paid, I assume that is through the hosting provider, in which case, yes, you’d change your name servers at your registrar away from Cloudflare and to those provided by A2 and you don’t need to manage the account through your Cloudflare login.

Im really not sure what to do now. I paid for services and dont know how to get them.

Turbo Boost: LiteSpeed with LSCache+LiteMage
Railgun: Railgun Enabled
$3311.71 USD
Addon (server.dgbotanicals.com) - Cloudflare Plan Web Application Firewall Monthly (08/19/2019 -
$16.00 USD

I go into my Cpanel and I dont have the Railgun Enabled either. I just dont know enough i guess. I paid for fully managed because I dont and these add on services and just dont know enough on how to get them, or where

^I’d suggest:

^I’m assuming you’ve paid this to A2, in which case after you change your name servers back to theirs, you should be able to take advantage of their offerings.

Thank you for your time and your help. I think I have decided Im just going to cancel the VPS with them and try somewhere else. I did not go in and make any setting changes or anything but my my server is now off line and I cant connect to it. Spent the whole day trying to activate services paid for.

Oh my, sorry @brianpylant, that is a pain. Note that if railgun is a hard requirement, that needs to be done via a partner. Good luck & please let us know how it’s going.

when you say via a partner do you mean a hosting service that sets it up? I just assumed when I bought the VPS and added all these services on that they would be installed and setup for me since I paid for a fully managed server. Maybe I dont know enough lol. I just wanted a VPS that I could host my websites at. I can build a website but I dont know how to build up and maintain a server. Can you suggest a company that is truly FULLY MANAGED?

That is a very good million $$ question! I won’t suggest my hosting provider as I think I pay too much and get too little. But, I have seen suggestions from folks that :heart: their hosting provider and are very vocal in praising them! Paging some @MVP’s for input or thoughts.

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ok thanks. I am willing to pay premium for fully managed. A2 is not even on line right now. My server fell of the planet while trying to talk to them. I now go to their website and it will not load. I did not get rude or ugly, I just told them I needed to cancel, so they may have blocked my IP lol. I dont know. I am thinking about chemicloud but they are expensive.

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Mr Pylant I can offer you fully managed vps hosting (in addition to other services).
Or I can suggest a host for you to rent directly, and then you’d only contract me to do the hard stuff.
Please contact me if you’re interested in either scenario: https://gravitywebworks.com/

@cloonan thank you for the referral!

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