Optimole is asking me to upgrade. Is Cloudflare a good alternative?

Optimole is requiring me to upgrade because I passed the visits limit.
I really don’t want to upgrade Optimole, but I was pondering on upgrading on Cloudflare, but I never fully understood how it works.
I was wondering if I upgraded, “Polish” would replace the functions of Optimole, or does Cloudflare already does it on its own. Or if it CDNs images like Optimole does at all.
If it doesn’t does anyone know a better image CDN than Optimole; cheaper too, prefereably.



I don’t know about Optimole, but Cloudflare services only apply to assets served out of your origin server. They don’t apply to third-party services such as other CDNs. So you’d need to consider the convenience of storing your images at your hosting provider and have Cloudflare cache them.

Cloudflare does cache images and other static files coming from your origin by default, but it will only cache images after the first visit/request.

Polish is a last-mile image optimization service that will only work on images already on Cloudflare’s cache.

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