Optimizing Speed with Page Rules


I found this 2017 video Optimizing Speed with Page Rules - YouTube but not sure what this will do to our website which is a membership platform JobsForNationals.com.

I could really use some expert advice on how to optimize website performance using page rules. Here are all the page rules at the moment:

Hi, any idea on how to get some guidance on this?

May I ask what exactly is not working? We here in the community are fixing problems, not taking over the job of others :slight_smile:
So if you can define a specific problem, we can have a look at and check if it’s Cloudflares fault. If so, we ofc will support you and help you out.

If you just bought a tool and don’t know how to use it, please try the web and do your research, or even better read the documentation. If you buy a hammer (any tool basically) the seller also don’t offer you a lesson on how to use it and every trick etc. If so, noone would sell hammers.

So please tell us exactly what is not working and we can have a look.

Also: your website (hamiltonresourcing.com) is down, may you also wanna have a look at.

So if you want help, please define something specific you want to achive and also what is not working.

Thank you for the interesting reply.

Please point us to the updated document (as you say) that provides instruction on how page rules can be used to improve website performance.



Here, you are welcome: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/articles/218411427
There you learn about every possible pagerule and what its effect is. Also what patterns you can use and which URLs they will affect.

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I was only inquiring about setting up this rule and if the URL was the right one to point to