Optimizing my server for wordpress + cloudflare

Hello, I have a free account and my nameservers are enabled, but before i start using you to serve content I have a few questions, pardon my ignorance on the topic but I crashed my site bad even after following a tutorial to set this up so I want to ask the Cloudflare crowd if they have seen this use case scenario in the past, if it is practical and if so what is the best way to go about it.

I am on a godaddy shared CentOS 6 plan with mysql 5.6/php 7.2
Not being on mysql 5.7 is a limiting factor in terms of innodb optimization, I only have 1g of ram and am limited to 1mil concurrent I/O. Dont get me wrong its not a bad hosting plan at all regardless what people say about godaddy, but those 3 things are limiting factors nonetheless and I want to severely optimize my environment from the start and I will scale it later as needed.

I already issued some free SSL certs with acme.sh and set a cron to renew them every 90 days because i cant use certbot. These will be used to encrypt my connection to you.

Also I installed redis server in bash and just manually initiate it as needed but ill get to making a cron to cli purge/shutdown/start it every day, and gave it exactly half my servers ram, which I plan to use to cache static content on my self hosted subdomains, effectively cdn.mydomain.com (media cdn) and static.mydomain.com (theme files etc). So those effectively cdn my main domain and then i went and set up the free account here.

Should have worked im pretty sure, but once it was running on your cdn after a few hours things started getting really shaky and it wasnt on my server, but im thinking I did not have things set up correctly inside wordpress, nor in my Cloudflare account. The main issue here was 2 fold, once both our caches built up my wordpress login started going through an insane redirect loop and no browser would cache the required cookie to be able to log in. Ive set up LEAMP + Varnish w/memcached many times over again but I think that once i tried to serve my content from a cookieless domain and use you as my load balancer I was getting in way over my head.

If this is doable please advise if not please advise asap either way, and thanks for letting us make a free account to dip our toes in the water!

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