Optimizing cloudflare with wordpress plugins


I’m using WordPress multisite and I’m trying to figure out which things are really necessary and how to configure the necessaries as good as possible. Some speed problems time to time. In this post I’m focusing and asking help for optimizing cloudflare and W3 Total Cache plugin. Aim is to make the website as fast as possible.

  1. I found that I have minify on in Cloudflare for Javascript, css and html. These are also set on in W3TC. Should I keep then as it is or take minify settings off in Cloudflare or W3TC? Now minify is set up two times.

  2. I have installed the Cloudflare plugin to my WordPress. Is this actually needed plugin? It just redirects to same settings I can setup in cloudflare.com. What is the benefit me to have this plugin?

  3. I’m not totally familiar how CDN is set in cloudflare, but I have it on also in W3TC plugin (In Genral settings). However, in CDN menu comes a message ‘W3 Total Cache has detected that you do not have a CDN configured’ which might be related that it in the pro version.

Looking forward to find help.

If you want a good speed and CDN, then you must go with cloudflare APO. It helps a lot.

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