Optimize - Not receiving verification email

We are having the same issues, we believe our email is on the suppression list ticket number: 2929210

I don’t see any issues for your email but tried to remove it from suppression anyway, please give it a try?

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Hi Erisa,

We still did not receive a reset url. When we select forgot password.

Then that means the issue is different, let me split this into a new topic

Thank you

We are having the same issues, we believe our email is on the suppression list ticket number: 2929210

I’m not seeing attempts made to change password for the email specified in that ticket. The last email we sent for that account was to verify your email yesterday. Can you try using the forgot password link again: https://dash.cloudflare.com/forgot-password
Please double check the spelling of the email

To clarify, this is for the email/account that you are currently using to post here, correct?

That’s incorrect the ticket should be related to an different account

Please share the name of a domain in that account.

That ticket is marked as closed @Optimize. In order to get access to the account, can you have the person having issues logging in complete this form?

LMK once that is done and we can assist from there.

This form link does not raise any form?

I can’t reply to emails because emails from community must be from the same email the account was set up from and obviously I have changed email address domain.

Therefore I am not using the same email.

How can we get some help here?

Interestingly this is not the first time we have had the same issue. Last time it took a simple message to fix. This time there seems to be a lack of trust that we know what we are experiencing.

We are using the Change email address function. No email verification was sent, also the “Send verification email again” does nothing.

Can someone email me direct?

The person (account) filling in the form needs to be logged out.

Logged in you see

Logged out and trying to recover access, you see

When logged out, the form sends me to a login screen.

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What happens if you give that link to the customer having issues with login?

WRT your experience, can you clear cache/cookies and try from an incognito browser or mobile device?

Yes, I used incognito.
Tried again today and it worked, so I have now lodged a ticket.
Thank you, appreciate the help.

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Can you share that ticket number here?


Your request (#2949620) relates to my issue.

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Thank you! I see my colleague responded on that ticket, let them know if everything worked out as your expected and/or if there is any other issue. And, thank you.

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