Can Someone Give some advice for my website speed using the Cloud flare website link is - https://drgeducationalinstitute.co.in Please give me some suggestions for this.

Your website loads fast, other than the TTFB which is just how long your server takes to process creating the HTML for the web pages.

If your website is static (ie. doesn’t change often), you can create a page rule for “cache level: cache everything” to make CF cache even the HTML.

The downside to this is that every time elements on the page change, you have to go to the Cloudflare dashboard and purge your cache. Another downside is that it can cache admin-only content if your site has an “admin bar” at the top or other content that only shows up for admins, this is most common for WP sites.

Other than ‘cache everything’, you would need to optimize the code your server runs to generate the HTML faster, or cache things like DB queries on your server itself (which is a much more elegant solution than getting CF to cache the HTML).


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