Optimization of Routes Required from Pakistani Servers to AWS Fortnite servers

I am getting high latency on the Fortnite (AWS) servers so it is requested to you to optimize the routes as the packets are not being delivered properly to the designated server instead they are hopping on different data centers due to which I am facing high latency, spikes in latency and packet loss.

Kindly fix this issue as soon as possible.

Below are the Fortnite (AWS) Server IPs provided:

Asia Pacific (AP South 1) (Mumbai)

Asia Pacific (AP NorthEast 1) (Tokyo)

Asia Pacific (AP NorthEast 2) (Seoul)

Asia Pacific (AP SouthEast 1) (Singapore)

Asia Pacific (AP NorthEast 3) (Osaka Local)

Asia Pacific (AP SouthEast 2) (Sydney)

China (CN North 1) (Beijing)

China (CN NorthWest 1) (Ningxia)

Europe (EU West 1) (Ireland)

Europe (EU West 2) (London)

Europe (EU Central 1) (Frankfurt)

Europe (EU West 3) (Paris)

US East (US East 1) (Virginia)

US East (US East 2) (Ohio)

US West (US West 1) (California)

US West (US West 2) (Oregon)

Canada (Ca Central 1) (Central)

AWS GovCloud (US Gov West 1) (US)


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Those have nothing to do with Cloudflare. But if you want an official opinion on this:

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

Cloudflare servers in Pakistan went online like 1 or 2 weeks ago and since then spikes in ping and long routes are been observed so they need to look into it and optimize the routes

That’s probably not an issue caused by Cloudflare. CF is not involved at any point between the ISP/user and AWS, so the latency issues are either a coincidence or a result of Pakistan ISPs messing up their routes.

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I am also from Pakistan. For Fortnite, I am getting an average ping of 180ms on European Servers. While On Asian Servers, I am getting 300 ping. I don’t know why, I am living in Asia and I am getting better ping on Europe. But actually 180 is not even best ping. We need under 100 ping atleast. Sorry For my Bad English. So, If your Cloudflare servers can help making our ping better than please do it more quickly.

Cloudflare has to be implemented by the service provider (Epic Games who runs Fortnite), so unless that happens (which I doubt it will) Cloudflare can’t improve your ping. How much ping you have is entirely up to Epic and AWS’s server locations.

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