Optimisation for Ghost blog self hosting

Hello everyone,

I’m self-hosting a blog and I’d like to optimize performance as much as possible.
I use cloudflare for my DNS zone.

I have several questions about how to configure Cloudflare and I can’t find my way around. I need some clarification.

  1. During quick start, I activated the 3 options:
  • Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: ON
  • Always use HTTPS: ON
  • Brotli: ON
    Did I do the right thing?
  1. I’ve activated the proxy on the 2 A records, the root and the www. Is this a good idea?
  2. Do I need to set up a tunnel to secure with Zero Trust? What do I risk if I don’t?
  3. Should I configure Cloudflare Cache Everything? How necessary is this?
  4. I read in a topic that it’s also possible to optimize Nginx. Is this important in relation to Cloudflare? Is it negligible?

Thank you all for your help,


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