Optimal page rules for purelocal.com.au?


Domain : https://www.purelocal.com.au/

In the last week there’s been an issue with Cloudflare and my origin server (522 errors , timeouts , 525 Handshake errors , very long loading times , etc).

My origin said the other sites on server were fine so I figured Cloudflare was to blame , so I changed the SSL to “FLEXIBLE” and removed all of the options and then re-instated a few when I saw the site was loading ok.

My current page rules are attached (image).
I have the one JS file (used front-end) heavy cached , the rest are from imagekit CDN.
The second page rule is to bypass CF as much as possible.
ARGO is enabled which doesn’t break anything.

Can anyone please advise if this is the best PAGE RULES setup?


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