Opt out of google cookies under GDPR

so how do i opt out of the google ad cookies which are being dropped on every query under GDPR rules?

How are Google cookies related to Cloudflare?

sorry, that was on site, i meant _cfduid if thats collecting I.P. etc thats private data?

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so its not GDPR compliant then, if collects IP without consent

“The _cfduid cookie collects and anonymizes End User IP addresses” , it collect then anonymizes, its not collecting anonymized I.P.

This is legal nitpicking which you probably best discuss with a lawyer :slight_smile:

best cloudflare discuss with a lawyer not me, i’m not liable for the fine?

Alright, I guess the question was answered then :wink:

well no, how do users opt out of it was the real question?

opt out in EU and opt in in california

If you had used the search you’d have found all the other topics where that has been already discussed.

And no, you cannot opt out. If you dont want the cookies, you need to unproxy your record.

I guess, now we have answered everything.

are you a cloudflare “rep” then, not just "another user’?

In which way does this matter? As long as you proxy through Cloudflare you will have the applicable cookies. Period.

If you require an official statement you need to contact support instead.

it matters if its opinion or representation

As I made quite clear I referred to a fact. I am not sure how you got the idea I was expressing an opinion.

if you we’re to be a “rep”, it would be admission to non gdpr compliance in effect. If its opinion, there is no barring?

Again, it is a technical fact I mentioned, not an opinion, I still dont know where you got that from.