Ops! problems with SSL certificate. Is there a solution?

Hi everyone.
I think i have messed up mi SSL certificate. I need help. Because i dont know what to do.
Here is the story.
I registred my domain in cludflare for free SSL. After recieving the confirmation email that the certificate and the site were working O.K I installed Better search replace plugin.
If someone doesnt knows how it works. It replaces text of your databases for the text you want.
I selected ALL the database and changed from http to https.

I was booted out of my site, already fixed that. But now I cant activate SSL. Cloudflare says it works ( I tryied Qualys SSL Labs and they say is active). But it doesnt works on my site.

When I enter my website using https i can see only HTML. And this ERRORS. I think one of them is causing the problem.

I marked in black what I suppose is creating the problem.

I installed Really Simple SSL plugin and says that it cant detect my SSL certificate. Have I touched something and messed all up?? how can I fix it??

Thank you for your patience! and sorry for my grammar, im spanish :slight_smile:

Make sure you do these three things:

  1. In Cloudflare Crypto, turn on “Always Use HTTPS”
  2. Also in Crypto, turn on “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites”
  3. In your website’s .htaccess file, add the following line:
    Header always set Content-Security-Policy: upgrade-insecure-requests

Wow! that last code on htaccess file worked!!!
Fully working on https now.

So it was my fault?. I did change something in my code?

Thank you so much!

Eh…it happens. It sounds like you did everything right, but there’s always something to bite you when changing HTTP to HTTPS. Sometimes it’s hardcoded. Sometimes it’s some weird Javascript thing. Maybe someday you’ll stumble upon whatever it was, but for now, it’s working.

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