Operation Timed Out

I am getting this error in the Query monitor. Bcoz of this error, the Wp-admin panel speed has been reduced. Please tell me how can I fix this?
I think it’s bcoz of Cloudflare as I have already contacted the plugin developer and the API is working perfectly. Maybe Cloudflare is blocking this API.
Click on this link to see the error - Pasteboard - Uploaded Image

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Maybe it’s your hosting provider that blocked any cURL connections. (If it’s shared hosting, it’s 90% possible). Try to contact your Hosting provider support team.

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I am using Google Cloud Hosting and it’s not shared hosting.

The error states that it timed out. This will not be a Cloudflare issue, if the request is done by the client it’s possible it was just a network issue. If this request is done server side then you should SSH in and try to curl it yourself. Regardless though, not an issue CF side.

It’s also possible Wordpress’ API just had a few seconds of downtime.

I can access it fine here: https://api.wordpress.org/plugins/info/1.0/woocommerce.json

The error is always visible. And I don’t know what to do in SSH. If you have some knowledge then plz share it with me. I am using the Litespeed server + Google cloud.

It’s an issue with Cloudflare. As recently I created two clone sites on a new Ip address. One with Cloudflare activated and one with deactivated. The website with Cloudflare deactivated loaded this API perfectly and the other one gave the same error. So, it’s the problem of Cloudflare.


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