Operating an unlicensed gambling website

Hey guys,

I had a question that I couldn’t find its answer in Cloudflare help center so I took a shot here to see if I can use Cloudflare service for my website.

You see I operate an unlicensed online crypto gambling website and I wanted to mask the server IP to prevent DOS attacks and other problems that I might face in the future.

Can I use Cloudflare premium service to hid my server IP from attackers?

Looking forward to your answers.

Thanks :wink:

When proxied, Cloudflare will “hide” your IP address by default. That does not mean however that you’ll be out of reach for the authorities. Cloudflare will reveal your address to them when it receives a respective request.

Furthermore, there’s always the abuse form which someone could submit and which will send a notification to your host.

In short, Cloudflare won’t solve all your legal issues.

Stay legal. :wink:

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