OpenVPN on Port 80/443


I was wondering if it is possible to proxy OpenVPN connections on port 80 or 443 through CF? :thinking:

It’s not about hiding VPN traffic.
As most public WiFi networks are restricted to a few ports i need a way around it. =) Plus the advantage that i can block any other source on my firewall rather than the Cloudflare networks. (I’ve reached the policy limit :joy: )

It’s a simple VPN box without any other services listening on this ports.

OpenVPN Failing Through Proxy

Cloudflare’s proxy anything will allow for the proxying of non-http traffic, but I don’t believe proxying that traffic over 80/443 are currently in scope.


Well, let’s try to get in scope :wink:

Not sure if it was too late but I’ve submitted a request.


I set up a Proxy Anything connection to let me use Port 993 on the outside to Port 22 on my server. Since Port 993 is IMAP/SSL, I expect public WiFi will let you through.


Ok, cool. I guess this would work as well.
I’ve not seen any public WiFi rejecting traffic on this ports.

Unfortunately I’ve no beta beta access. Will have to wait then :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers guys. :slight_smile:

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