Openvpn on Debian11

I have an openvpn on a Debian11 to retransmit smtp port to my NAS synology, cause I’m using mailplus server.
When I type this command :
tcpdump -n -tttt -i eth0 port 25 -c 300000
Hi see a lot of connexion trying to attack my server.
Do you think with cloudflare, It will possible to stop them ?
Of course, I can’t use a fail2ban because the smtp server is not on the Debian…
Because, the traffic comming from my openvpn, so I can’t stop it with my Synology server…

Thanks for your help
Best regards

In general no. Cloudflare protects default HTTP/S ports, SMTP is port 25 and does hav to do with mail, Cloudflare does not have anything to do with mail routing/protecting.

OK, thank you

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