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Hi, at my home I have my own OpenVPN server. I’ve setup Cloudflare that gets updated with DDNS and everything works fine. The problem is that if I enable on that A record the proxy function (orange cloud) I can’t connect anymore to my home…it seems that traffic doesn’t get forwarded to my real IP…
how do I do to not public expose my home IP and to be able to use my vpn connection?
I’m on Cloudflare free plan

Cloudflare only proxies certain ports.

Here is what someone did for OpenVPN previously

I don’t understand what he did really. (I have no issues connectin if it’s gray clouded)

If I change my OpenVPN port to one of the supported port does it work?

If I change my OpenVPN port to one of the supported port does it work?

It will not work because Cloudflare only proxies HTTP(S) through the ports. There is no way to proxy OpenVPN through Cloudflare, and you need to use a :grey: record. The link that I posted offers a way to hide the IP better.

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Ok thanks.
I still don’t understand what he did to hide his own ip.
I’m unsing a subdomain that gets updated with DDNS and it’s gray clouded. But if you figure it out the subdomain you get directly my ip.

Apparently you know a lot more than me… is there any technical reason that make what I want to do impossible or it’s just something Cloudflare doesn’t care about?

HTTP requests contain a Host header specifying what domain it is intended for. This allows Cloudflare to share a single IP address between many customers.

Most other protocols don’t have a feature like this, so Cloudflare would have to provide a dedicated IP address to each customer wanting to use OpenVPN on the default port.

Due to the ever increasing prices of IPv4 address space, providing this to customers on the Free plan is obviously not financially sustainable.

For customers on the Enterprise plan, Cloudflare offers an add-on product called “Spectrum” which allows you to do this.

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