OpenVPN and Warp at the same time-2 servers on separate networks

Hi, I have a nasty config question. I currently access (not Admin) a Server located on a network that requires OpenVPN Connect to access this reource. I can change nothing on this leagcy Server it is rented and only available as stated. I now have a also-rented VPS on another Network. I cannot run 2 Connect Clients, I tried trhu Cloud Connexa and Access Server. I truied previously with a Warp client but it brought down all internet traffic when I engaged both Connect and Warp. I may have a bad config. I run the cloudflared daemon on the actual VPS resource that I want to connect to via Warp. Is this correct or do I need another server in front of that VPS? Can I even run Warp and OpenVPN Connect together? I am on the Cloudflare network using the free DNS package and other freebie network security. Please advise. I tried OpenVPN with UFW and could not get that configured either… UFW sould-should be the magic bullet but my limited IPTable experience is not helping my dilemma in ultimately #1 Restricting Access to my New VPS resource while #2. allowing the current OpenVPN Connect tunnel to the other legacy network to continue fucntioning…whew!!! please help good sirs!