OpenShift -> Cloudflare Tunnels

Good afternoon,

I’ve inherited a setup that looks as follows:

  1. Gitlab images uploaded to a 3rd party hosted instance of OpenShift.
  2. OpenShift hosts application image and visibilityspots/cloudflared image which acts as legacy tunnel.
  3. DNS entry in CF resolves tunnel.

At the end of the month it looks like the legacy tunnels will no longer function.

Looking at the new named tunnels, it looks like you need to log on to the host machine in order to create a tunnel. In this case where OpenShift is the host platform, I’m struggling to understand how I can perform the necessary steps.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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Definitely not the case. Could you share with us how you got that idea?

You can follow to use the Zero Trust dashboard to create a tunnel, and then you’ll have a command (which includes a token/secret) that you can run in your automation, without ever needing to do manual steps there.
See the docs in: Via the dashboard · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs